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personality development

Personality Development and Yoga

The yogic view of personality and its development is very different from the self help books that tell you to be positive. Being ‘positive’ is not a saying or a thing you do. For instance, you don’t become positive by simply saying positive things. Being positive is a lifestyle. And Yoga helps you accomplish this by using the five layers of the human body’s consciousness.

According to Yoga, the human body consists of five layers:

  • Annayama Kosha or the Conscious Physical Personality
    This layer deals with conscious action such as walking, talking, etc
  • Pranamaya Kosha or the Subconscious Physical Personality
    This layer deals with the involuntary movement of our muscles, such as the process of digestion, or the beating of the heart.
  • Manomaya Kosha or the Mental Personality
    This layer deals with emotion and thought.
  • Vigyanmaya Kosha or the Intellectual Personality
    This layer deals with the ability to discriminate between two things. Judging good from the bad deeds, falls into this category. Thus, this layer helps us to choose the right things in life.
  • Anandamaya Kosha or the Spiritual Personality
    This is the purest state of happiness that does not involve any material pleasure.

Yoga not only relieves the physical tension of the body, but it also influences spiritually manner so that it affects the personality of the person. For instance, yoga can affect mental personality such that it strengthens your concentration and focus.

Meditation calms and clears your mind of the unnecessary jargon of everyday life, helping you to think without prejudice or worry. It focuses on your well being and aims at your ultimate happiness that is detached from any worldly material.