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bihar school of yoga

About Bihar School of Yoga, Munger

Munger is a beautiful rural village overlooking the Ganges. It is also the home of the Bihar School of Yoga, and Bihar Yoga Bharati. The campus of the Bihar School of Yoga is known as Ganga Darshan, and is located at the top of a scenic hillock. Its breath taking view provides apt environment for the aspirant’s rediscovery of him/herself in yoga.

Munger is famous worldwide for its roots in Satyananda Yoga. In fact, President Abdul Kalam named Munger, the City of Yoga, in 2004. But Munger’s spiritual roots reach far back into history: Ram and Sita made Munger their home during their exile from Ayodhya. King Karna, the eldest of the Pandava brothers, perfected the Tantric Sadhanas here. Even recent personalities such as Lord Buddha, Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda have a historical connection to Munger.

Swami SatyanandaSaraswati experienced a state of supreme bliss of the highest state of consciousness in Munger. It was here, that he realised his mission: to create a global fraternity of yoga and to bring to light the phenomenon that is yoga.

bihar school of yoga

About Bihar School of Yoga, Rikhia

Rikhia is tiny, remote village in Jharkhand, about 12kms from the temple Deoghar. It earned its yogic history when, loving the isolation and serenity it provided, Rishis flocked there to do yoga. Infact, the name ‘Rikhia’ is a distortion of the word ‘Rishi’.

Rikhia is renowned for its peaceful and serene landscape. Just by being there, the practitioner feels calm and relaxed in the midst of the beauty of the lush landscape.