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Yoga Classes FAQ's

  1. Do you follow any school?
    Yes. We do follow Bihar school of yoga.
  2. Do you have therapy classes?
    Yes. We conduct health management courses.
  3. Do you teach power yoga?
    Power yoga is nothing but a dynamic form of exercise. It is focused on asana and breathing, and is popular because of its weight reducing effect. At YWC, we teach asanas in several forms including the dynamic form. Apart from exercise we provide lots of weight reduction support, including diet and nutrition. Our classes mostly comprise of 30min of Asana, 20min of Pranayama and 10min of meditation.
  4. Isn’t Yoga passive and only yield slow results?
    Yoga does not work like pain killer or an aspirin.
    However, two weeks of yoga practice shows results in cases such as lifestyle diseases, and stress. Infact, you can actually feel the difference after yoga nidra. It works even faster than capsules.

    Yoga comprises of different types of asanas (postures) and breathing techniques, which if practiced properly can yield wonderful and quick results. These asanas and breathing tactics enhance the intake of oxygen in the body cells and improves micro as well as macro circulation of fluid in the body. Pawanmuktasana eliminates energy blockages in the joints and outer extremities of the physical body and works on the Pranic and mental level as well.
  5. Do we need experience?
    Not necessarily. Classes are taught from the beginner’s level and are accessible to everyone regardless of experience.

    Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be able to tie yourself into a pretzel to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Modifications are taught with every pose to accommodate everyone.
  6. What should we wear?
    Comfortable clothing. Slip into a comfortable tee, yoga pants, shorts or sweatpants. If work clothes are free moving, that works as well. The most important thing is to be comfortable.
  7. Where will we practice?
    Yoga can be easily practiced almost anywhere. Popular spaces include open floor space, large rooms, etc. On a nice day, yoga can be practiced outside on a large terrace or on the lawn.
  8. How often do we practice?
    Practicing 2-3 times per week for 45min to 1 hour will deliver significant benefits.
  9. Will we need a shower after practice?
    No. This is not hot yoga. You can easily slip right back into your work clothes after class.