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group classes

Yoga Group Classes

Group classes are usually held at the center itself, but can also be held in a location of the yoga practitioner’s choosing. They are conducted during the week and also on weekends, as per the aspirants’ convenience. The weekend classes provide practitioners with the chance to rejuvenate themselves after a long week at the office. And because it is held away from the week, yoga doesn’t get in the way of work.

Group classes are long term based, and mostly concentrate on the basics. However, the yoga syllabus taught during these classes will depend on the aspirants’ needs and requirements, as determined during the interview. Counselling will also be part of the class, to complement the yoga session.

Why a group class:

Group Classes come recommended by YWC because it goes a long way to motivate, energize and inspire yoga practitioners. It also provides consistency to the practitioner: where you might be tempted to miss a private class by cancelling, you are more likely to attend a group class because your friends are attending it too. Group classes at the center are particularly popular, because it gives aspirants the chance to practice yoga with friends, help each other with poses, and share experiences regarding meditation and yoga. Students learn more from these talks and progress at a higher level due to it.

In addition, resources such as books, CDs, DVDs and other sources of information on yoga, might be limited on the outside market, while easily accessible by the practitioner in a group class.