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Dear Raj Kamal,

It was a big pleasure, an honor and very very helpful to be in your yoga class. After about 7 years of being in touch with many teachers from Sri Lanka, India, and Germany I feel I understood yoga for the first time. The individual program you prepared for me has some tremendous effect on me. I will miss you in (the) near future- that’s for sure!!! Thank you is not enough to say but all the language allows!!

Thank you

Dirk Regel, Film Director. Germany

The yoga practices with Raj Kamal was very interesting and in my opinion Excellent! He was not only teaching asana, he was teaching complete yoga. We not only learned something about technique but also learned about the benefits for body, mind, internal energy, the therapeutic use etc. Raj Kamal in my opinion was teaching the way of yoga.

Many many thanks for the yoga lesions.

Dr. Detlef Gruneet, MD, Ayurvedic specialist, Germany

Raj Kamal is a yoga teacher with a wonderful spirit that shine(s) through his practices. The exercises are very helpful and the attention he places in them and us guide us to improve and feel better... I felt cared for and inspired to keep up yoga when I go home.
Thank you, thank you

Mitta Wise, Hypnotherapist, USA

Dear Yogi,

Thank you very much for the very good yoga lessons. Although I’ve practiced yoga for more years than your age, I still learned something new from you. In yoga we learn and practice the same old things again and again, but by doing that in different places and with different teachers, there is always something new to learn and still to discover. I will keep your good spirit in my mind.
Thank you, and my guru Raman Maharshi blesses you.

Dorothea Yoga teacher, France

Raj has been instructing me in yoga for 4 months. He bring(s) a broad knowledge of yoga into his classes. A great combination of meditation, breathing, stretching, asanas, and relaxation. It’s also great that his classes are progressive in that they build over the months with new content based on how the students are progressing as a group. A great way to start my day.

Charles, Leadership coac, U S A

The first time in my life I was (taught) real yoga…. I feel much much better than before and I am happy since a long time. My yoga master is real professional. He is a good teacher and full of happiness. His charming style to teach is one important step to the success. I will practice my yoga at home to become healthier and I hope to meet my yoga master again. Thank you very much.

Michael, Switzerland

Raj Kamal’s understanding of yoga and what yoga can do for you is the best there is. With his inspiration, enthusiasm and professional knowledge, he has made me feel (as though) I am on a yoga journey within myself. I am excited about all the good energy his yoga lessons give to my body and soul.

Jessica, Psychotherapis, Sweden

My body's flexibility has been increasing little by little after I started Yoga. Also, I have felt better after I started Yoga class.


Tomoka, Japan

Dear Raj Kamalji,

These 5 months of learning yoga has been a totally holistic, rejuvenating, energizing & calming experience for me. The classes are not only enjoyable but there has been a tremendous improvement in my health, my flexibility, my energy level, my sleep pattern & over all being. I look forward to the next class at every session!

Kind regards

Heta Business, Pebble bay, Bangalore

I enjoy attending the yoga classes conducted by Mr. Raj Kamalji.…….Mr. Raj Kamalji has a refreshing approach to teaching yoga wherein he is able to incorporate and effectively explain the medical, scientific, divine, and the psychological aspects and benefits in the various Asanas. I am confident that you will undoubtedly benefit under his tutelage.

Hema R. Mathur, Retired Grandmother, Pebble bay, Bangalore

Raj Kamalji sir,

Your teaching is truly inspirational! You have helped to improve the quality of my practice. I am now willing to challenge myself more. Your expert guidance in Chakra balancing appeals to me. Your yoga has the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance. I am very lucky to have you as my teacher.

Renuka, Artist, Pebble bay, Bangalore